5 signs of a Good Woman

A lot of women are searching for that “Knight in shining armour”, that “Prince Charming”, you know “Mr. Right”… but it’s hard to be “Mr. Right” when u fucking with “Ms. Wrong.” I’mma keep it Funky witchu some of the women out here aint as ready as they make it seem. So here are a few signs of a good woman…

5) Clean- Rather she on her own or she’s living with a friend or she’s living with her mom. One of the most important traits of a good woman is how clean she is. See a clean woman is a keeper because by her taking care of her home or environment it shows she takes out time for the important. If you visit a woman at her place and it’s not clean and she seems comfortable with that then she’s not a keeper. Her ability to accept the filth around her is a sign that her life isn’t in order nor does she care about getting it in order. Within the same walls you can look at a woman’s bathroom and see how clean she actually is. Hair, styling supplies, and personals shouldn’t be scattered all over the place especially if she has a kid. Some women say they don’t have time to clean up but if they find time to club that should show u they don’t care about being clean.

4) Appearance- When I speak on appearance I’m speaking on smell, clothing selection (not brand of clothing), etc. A woman’s smell should always be appealing to the sense, body scent, breath, and in between should all have their respective smells. The smell of a woman is just as important as her clothing selection. I mean who wants to date a women who breath is renascent but she has on a sun dress. Which brings me to the second half of this topic, a woman’s appearance. Women make big deals out of how a man carry himself so in the same regards we as men should make just as big of a deal. You never want to go for a woman who shows it all, half of a woman’s seduction lies in her ability to make a man fantasize. By her being out and the open with her body, rather its beautiful or shrug worthy, she takes away that seduction and leave men with only the mindset of fucking. A woman thats very conservative and show’s nothing of her body is one who may be insecure or shy.

3) Cook- I know it’s the year 2011 but a woman that can cook is a valued member of society. I believe all women and men should know how to cook. One reason being is we all have to survive, and fast food isn’t what it use to be. With all the top chains cutting corners for more production and quantity instead of quality, fast  food is becoming more or a slow cruise to death. Women who cook also tend to be clean because who wants to cook in a dirty kitchen. A way to a mans heart is thru his stomach and with the number of women who can cook dwindling, this trait may be the Oscar of all traits.

2) Conversation- As life continues to go on more and more people are concerned with themselves and take no regards to others. Good conversation requires an ounce of “giv-a-fuk” and “interest.” Not to many women can talk about others like they can talk about themselves. The key to good communication is common grounds, finding that one thing that the two of you have in common thats hard to find in others. Conversation also shows one own ignorance, some women aren’t so intelligent and you have to decide as a man what level of intellect your potential must have. We all as people think on different levels and understand things differently, with conversation we find how to get points across so that the next understands. So while you catching all these beautiful women find out wat their conversation level is.

1) Ambitions- It’s the year 2011 and rather a woman wants to be a stay at home wife or a career woman, she has to show she wants to have a purpose in life. It’s always easier to be successful with 2 people working towards a common goal than with one. Niggas be on bullshit hard, but woman do also. So don’t chase a woman thats not looking for anything in life. A woman has to be able to offer something rather it’s comfort and security or money on the bills. Sitting around never helps, its a lazy habit and shouldn’t be accepted in the times that we are living in. A good woman gone make sure her nigga straight just like a good man gone make sure his lady stright. 50/50 isn’t the amount of wat you give or take its actually 2 people giving 100% and meetin on common grounds.

So there you have it 5 signs of a good woman.



~ by smoovemoney on April 25, 2011.

3 Responses to “5 signs of a Good Woman”

  1. I think this is a good list of signs to tell if she is a good woman.

    Great post!!

  2. thanks

  3. no problem

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